There is nothing that embodies rural Britain so much as a beautiful dry stone wall. Dry stone walls are constructed without the use of mortar, relying solely on the skillful arrangement of stones. These walls are typically made from locally sourced, natural materials, such as limestone, sandstone, or granite, which seamlessly blend with the surrounding environment.

Hi, I'm Tim Mason, a dry stone waller with 12 years of experience under my belt. I've built and rebuilt hundreds of walls using various types of stone and styles. I'm proud to hold an Advanced Level certification from the Dry Stone Walling Association.

Welcome to my world of dry stone expertise. Explore my work, and let's talk about how I can bring your vision to life.

Want to learn how to build a dry stone wall yourself?

Come for a weekend at a limestone quarry in the beautiful Buckinghamshire countryside, and find out the secrets of this ancient craft.

All you need is enthusiasm and a packed lunch

I run dry stone walling courses each year in early summer. 


Don't put it off, just do it. 

Please contact me by phone: 07852230745 07852230745 or by e-mail: .

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